Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whooooooo’s ready for 1st grade?? I AM!!!

My classroom is finally feeling like it’s ready for some OWL-some kids!! I got my class list and I can’t wait to meet the new 22 smiling faces! Check out my pictures below!

Photo Aug 21, 5 55 49 PM

Welcome to Mrs. Patterson’s Nest…. Come on in!!

Photo Aug 17, 10 08 25 AM

This is my teacher desk area. Behind the curtains are all my guided reading resources binders that I need, and level readers.

Photo Aug 17, 10 08 34 AM

Word Wall area. The boxes are to help prepare for Meet The Teacher. The boxes underneath are all my books separated by themes.

Photo Aug 17, 10 08 37 AM

This is my file cabinet, reading/math manipulatives, and pocket chart center.

 Photo Aug 17, 10 08 43 AM

This view is of the board that I will use to post information for the kids. The pocket charts on the left are to show students where they go for centers. The magnets in the middle are for me to put my objectives for the week. Then I have a spot for “Wise Choices”. This is where students will look for what they can do when they are finished early.

Photo Aug 17, 10 09 12 AM

My calendar area. Actually, it’s my “faux calendar area”. I used Mimio for my calendar last year, and I am going to do it again for this year. However, this calendar is there for reference and for when substitutes are in the classroom.

Photo Aug 17, 10 09 26 AM

This will the the front of the room. Our school was recently tiled and a rug is on its way! I have my Fundations cards on the left and my daily schedule will go on the right. Then my projector will project onto the white board.

Photo Aug 17, 10 09 36 AM

These red cabinets store all my personal belongings and other school thingies. I have my classroom jobs hot glued to the left. Then how students go home each day. The check in chart that will use clothes pins as clips with their name and lunch number on it. They will use it to tell me if they need school lunch or brought their lunch. I also made a Mimio document for them to check it. But having this as well helps for when subs are in the room. Then to the right is their color chart. Students will be able to move down when making bad choices or up when making the right choices.

Photo Aug 17, 10 09 43 AM

Then the student computer area.

Photo Aug 17, 10 08 16 AM

Here I will hang student work per subject.

Photo Aug 17, 10 09 50 AM

Cute little owl that my Mom and Dad purchased for the classroom!

 Photo Aug 17, 10 10 00 AM

A love note from my husband! <3

Photo Aug 21, 5 55 30 PM

Check out the table numbers I hung up!

Photo Aug 21, 5 55 41 PM

I completed this today too!

Photo Aug 21, 5 55 55 PM

My door is ready… it’s missing about 9 names! Just haven’t cut them out yet!

Photo Aug 21, 5 56 04 PM 

My door! And a cute quote given to me by my Mentor/Team Leader.

Photo Aug 21, 8 12 34 AM Photo Aug 21, 9 07 52 AM

Before and after shot of my birthday area! I plan on writing about this tomorrow and sharing it as a FREEBIE!

Hope you enjoyed my classroom pictures! Let me know you stopped by and checked them out by commenting! :)



  1. What a fun classroom!
    I know you're going to have an (using your word) OWL-some year!

  2. I love your blog. I have found some great ideas to use with my class. Im your newest follower. Below is a link to my blog.
    Flying Into First Grade

  3. What an adorable room! I love it! I am a new follower and can't wait to read more.
    TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students