Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Fun-Day!

Sunday is considered "Sunday FUNday" or sometimes "Sunday BUMday" at the Patterson household! Today was a Sunday FUNday! I started my day off by completing a craft that I started on Saturday. I have seen these things from friends and from Pinterest. So I decided I wanted to see what all the hype was! The American Flag Rag Wreath. This was super easy and I enjoyed how relaxing it was! It cost me about $20 for all the materials! I will have to post how I did it later!
Then we went and met my parents for lunch at Cheddars and went to buy some stuff from Bed Bath and Beyond. Afterwards we spent some time cleaning up the house and packing! Here you can see our updated picture of our garage, where we are keeping all of our boxes. The most interesting part of packing is.... I HAVE WAY TO MUCH STUFF!! I already filled 3 boxes just closet stuff and I still have more! WOW!

Lots of boxes!

After a few hours of Football, Laundry, and Cleaning... Chaz got some chicken on the grill! He's the best chef in the house!!  It was 105 deg outside! He tried to wait until it got cooler but his belly won!

I love grilled chicken tenders with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce!
He rocks!

"ugh it's so hot out here!"
 Then the kids were looking cute together so I wanted to snap a few pictures of them! I love my doggies!

We hope everyone has a wonderful week!! 29 more days until we are homeowners!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Having A Little Fun!!! :D

This is why I NEED a straightener.
We love to have fun and laugh at each other! So we decided to share a bit about us and what we think about the other person! I am going to write 10 favorite things and guess what Chaz's 10 things would be. Then he will write his 10 favorite things and guess what Dani's 10 will be!

Ladies first!!
Dani's 10 favorite things:
1. Chaz <3
2. Laptop
3. Straigtner
4. My bed!
5. iPhone
6. Fergie
7. Kindle
8.Engagement & Wedding Ring
9. Coach Purse Chaz got me
10. KState Gear
I love him!

I love my rings!

Shes like my daughter!

What Dani THINKS Chaz's 10 favorite things are:
1. Kahki Shorts
2. Remote Controller
3. Grill
4. Maverick
5. T.V
6. Redzone
7. Longhorn Gnome
8. His truck
9. iPhone
10. and Dani <3

Chaz's Turn:
10 things I can't live without:
1. Dani
2. Football
3. Beer
4. Hunting
5. Tv
6. Nerds
7. Clean underwear
9. Fergie
10. Maverick

A football picture when I was a lil guy

The kids

10 things I say Dani can't live without:

1. Fergie
2. Me
3. Facebook
4. iPhone
5. Computer
6. Friends
7. Ice cream
8. Chi tea latte
9. Shopping
10. Shoes

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Packing Day 1

We began the horrible part of moving.... PACKING! Chaz started our morning off right with some breakfast burritos. Then I cleaned out the garage by sweeping out the dirt, killing all the spiders, and hopefully keeping the geckos from going in our boxes! We packed the garage first and made sure to keep the toolbox in an accessible spot. Then I started in the spare bedroom. We have some amazing gifts from the wedding that people purchased for us that had to be stored up there. It felt like Christmas again when we pulled them out of the closet to put into boxes. We have such a small townhouse that we had no room for extra picture frames, lots of glasses or kitchenware. I can't wait to open up those boxes at our new place and have a special place for each item. During the cleaning up of the spare bedroom I got carried away looking at items that I still carry around since being a kid. Here are some of them:
  • CD's- I have like 20 CD's that I can't get rid of: Janet Jackson Velvet Album, Aqua aka Barbie Girl, Now volume 1: N'SYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Deg, Savage Garden and more! I can't throw them away! I figured one day my kids will wonder what a CD is and I can show them my favorites! Plus I carry around 2 Cassettes: Billy Ray Cyrus and Salena :D
  • TY Beanie Babies- I am ready to get rid of these!! lol
  • Class of '03- Yes I still carry around most of my things that say Class of '03 from High School
  • Shorts- My first pair of shorts I sewed in Home Ec
  • Books- Some of my favorite kids books
  • Pictures- I have pictures starting from Middle School and up to College. I have some of the funniest photo albums too! I think my favorite one is a WB cartoon one! hahaha!
Chaz's items he carries around:
  • 2 Coke-Cola glass bottles- He had them since he was a kid. He got them when the Cowboys went to the superbowl in '92 (he thinks)
  • High School Helmet- He can't get rid of that!
  • Baseball & Football Cards: He has a HUGE box of them!
  • Old Army Stuff- "Babe, those items have seen battle!" Some of the craziest things are being horded in his army duffel bags.
We cleaned out a closet full of jackets and games. We decided to donate about 13 jackets to others in need. Next weekend we will continue our packing and purging! Here is a few pictures of the garage after day 1 of packing.

 Love, US

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paperwork, inspection, bank, paperwork, decisions, and did I say PAPERWORK?

These last few days have been CRAZY with talking to the banks!!! I know they are giving us "estimations" but man does it suck to get a different answer every time. We finally have the whole process started with our bank, which is USAA if anyone was wondering. We still have more paperwork to do and our agent recommended us shop around for insurance before we settle. I respect that and we will. Seriously though, there is SO much paperwork that goes into a house!!! Good thing that there are some electronic documents out there that we are able to sign electronically.

Also very thankful for all of our rollover minutes that we haven't touched since becoming an AT&T customer. Chaz has spent HOURS on the phone since this whole process has started. We really do have a great agent though!! She sure has made this a lot easier! Chaz has also been amazing by taking care of all the phone calls during the day. Being a teacher, it is a lot harder to find time in a day to make a phone call. Especially a 45 minute to an hour long call. He has been wonderful! Most of  you know that I like to be in control and it is hard to let that go for me. But he really has done a great job! :D

Inspection was today!!! I got there late but Chaz was already with the guy looking around the house. He really had some nice things to say about our future home! We had to go on a hunt for a breaker and that took some time. It was in a spare room closet- not something builders do anymore.  We found out that the A.C condensation pan was filling up which meant there was a clog in the pipes. He thought the whirlpool tub was broken... which almost broke my heart... but he found there was a timer that came with it! Our inspection guy was really good and we would recommend him!

With only like 10 minutes left in the inspection the home owner came home. At first it was REALLY awkward, then we did introductions and got to know one another. She was telling us that they bought it right after it got built and planned on it being their "forever home." She has added a lot of upgrades that she wanted for herself and not to sell. I felt really bad for the lady because she kept saying to us, "I hope you love it as much as we do!" We just kept telling her that we LOVED the home and we appreciate all she has done. Then the inspector broke the news to her about how close she is to having a leak from her AC! :/

Anyways, there were no really BIG items that would have turned us away from the home. So, I guess that means we HAVE A HOUSE!!! Our closing date is Monday, October 17th! Our agent is going to ask as nicely as possible to see if we can start moving stuff in the Friday before (14th). That would be awesome if she said yes! I don't think so because she has a LOT of stuff to move and she may be looking forward to having that weekend too. We'll see...I have learned that it can't hurt to try! This weekend I have planned to start going through closets and packing up things up! Being a military brat has prepared me in the "packing and moving" department! Hopefully this will be the last move for years!!!!!! :)

We LOVE our future home!!

Here is a cute picture of Chaz and a gross picture of Me after signing our offer that our agent took! (I had just came back into town from being in Austin.)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting closer to our future home!!

We have made it one step closer to our future home!! We spent the day negotiating the specifics of the contract with the seller. It was pretty nerve racking and I realized I will NEVER be good at poker! Haha! Thanks to Chaz and my parents we were able to negotiate some great deals. We got a verbal contract from them but it doesn't mean its ours until papers are signed and the inspectors give their input. So we will sign the contracts saying we are wanting to buy. Then the surveyors and inspectors come. If they find anything BIG that needs to be completed before we move in, the sellers must fix them. There could be a chance there will be something REALLY big and we may have to go back to the contract or even step away from the house itself. We will just see where it goes! It's just so exciting right now!!

Check out these pictures from my favorite part of the house, master bathroom! (Ignore the decorations. They will not be there when the house is OURS!)

View from the tub. The door goes into the Master Bedroom. Behind door is a walk in closet.

 2 seated person shower. Bathroom is to the right.

From door. Whirlpool bathtub! I can't wait for a bath in there!

So all day long I had butterflies in my stomach and once we got the word it was ours we decided it was time to eat something. Our stomachs were starving! So we went to our favorite Mexican food place, enjoyed our favorite meal and celebrated with a favorite beer! Whenever we were ending our meal we were discussing the amount of work we had to do and Chaz began laughing at how much I began to stress! He knows how I easily stress about things so he started trying to make me laugh. We paid the bill and he ran out the door to get to the car before me. When he does that he usually locks me out of the car and I have to do a little "jig" to get the car unlocked. However, this time I was PREPARED!! I ran right behind him and when he opened the driver side door I dove in on top of him and landed in his lap, climbed over the console and landed in my passenger seat. I don't think we laughed so hard!! I wish I was an onlooker watching our crazy antics! We made it home through the laughter and made our plans for tomorrow. We have a lot of stuff we have to do tomorrow!!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and our home! It sure means a lot to us and we can't wait to share it with everyone!! :)

Future Patterson Home!

I am trying not to get my hopes up about this house!! I debated whether showing the house to everyone or not... didn't want to jinx anything. However, I think it's part of the "adventure" that Chaz and I are on and we would like to share with family and friends! So... here is our possible house!!!
Introducing our first home that we fell in love with!!! The seller is putting a new roof and new gutters on the house before selling it! Most of you already know that it sits on 2.32 acres out in a nice part of Copperas Cove.
Here is the layout of the house. It's 1549 square feet. Bedrooms 2 and 3 are sort of small but they made the living room really opened and I am ok with that! Plus, you should only be in the rooms to sleep! When you walk into the house you are instantly welcomed by a tiled Texas star in the entry way! My favorite part of the house??? Master bathroom!!! I have NEVER had a master bathroom!! It is HUGE!! It has his and her sinks, big stand up shower to fit 2, a whirlpool tub with jets and lots of storage! The kitchen is open as well and we love how the dining room is popped out into the backyard. The part of the house that I can't wait to upgrade is the kitchen! We would like to add all new appliances, update the counter tops, and some other small things to make it unique just like the house itself! Our acres of land is beautiful! Its full of trees and we even have a small pond that is super dry right now.
Our agent told us at the beginning that we would have a hard time finding land because most people charge crazy amounts or they are snatched up before anyone even knows its out there. So when we found this house we had to act on it quickly.

Yes we could have possibly put a bid on a brand new house with brand new everything, but we are excited to have a house that we could make "ours"!

So here it is! Just a few pictures of our possible future home along with a few thoughts from Dani. Chaz LOVES it and has already called it "our home" a few times. What's crazy though- when we found the house online he said to me, "This is it. We found our home. You might as well stop looking. I know this is it!" And it was! :) I can't wait to host BBQ's at our house, holidays, football games and more!

I will look at the pictures I took on my camera and show some more pictures later! I need to get to school and plan for the week. 

We love all of you!
Chaz & Dani

Sunday, September 4, 2011

First blog post!!

Testing... 1.... 2... 3!!! I think we are ready!!!

Welcome to our first official blog EVER! We have so much going on lately and I can't wait to update our family and friends on our adventures! :)

You are probably curious as to why I titled our blog, "I Love You More"? Well it's something that Chaz and I say as a response to, "I Love You!" Then we usually begin a conversation as to who loves who more and how much more! So I thought it made our blog more personal and unique.

I can't wait to learn more about Blogger and continue to make our blog fit our personality!

We love all of you, MORE!! :)

<3 Chaz & Dani