Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mimio Check-Ins for Winter!

Hey blogging buddies!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is already next week!! I sure can’t! This year is FLYING by!!

With some free time on my hands… and before I head to Waco to watch the KState vs. Baylor game (KSU!!!)… I thought I would share my check-ins that I use in my classroom.

The students LOVE these! I enjoy changing them up with the season.

First Mimio Check-In:

December Check-In


Students move their present under the Christmas Tree. The tree will get a bit crowded, but they still enjoy it!

January Check-In



The student’s LOVE this one! They will make sounds of what the snowball sounds like when it hits the penguin! They love it!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!