Thursday, August 23, 2012

Congrats Winners!!

Phew! Just finished Meet The Teacher! I met 20 out of 22 smiling faces eager for a new school year!

I wanted to share who won my giveaways!!!

First giveaway was the abundance of owl goodies!


That winner was….

Amy L from…


She’s a new blogger! Hop on over and follow her cute blog! Be sure to check your email Amy!

Now on to the other give aways!

The first giveaway was for an item from the Busy Busy Hive’s TPT Store.

And the winner was…. Mindy W. !! Mindy, I have passed your info along to Heather!

The second giveaway was for an item from Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties!

And that winner was… Rebecca Z! Rebecca, I have passed your info on to Tanya!

The next giveaway was for an item from Tonya’s Treats for Teachers!

And the winner was…. Katie S!! Katie, I have passed your info on to Tonya!

The last gift was a $10 gift card to TPT!


And the winner is…….. drum roll please……Sara V!!!! Congrats! Check your email!

Thanks for playing! And welcome to my new followers!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whooooooo’s ready for 1st grade?? I AM!!!

My classroom is finally feeling like it’s ready for some OWL-some kids!! I got my class list and I can’t wait to meet the new 22 smiling faces! Check out my pictures below!

Photo Aug 21, 5 55 49 PM

Welcome to Mrs. Patterson’s Nest…. Come on in!!

Photo Aug 17, 10 08 25 AM

This is my teacher desk area. Behind the curtains are all my guided reading resources binders that I need, and level readers.

Photo Aug 17, 10 08 34 AM

Word Wall area. The boxes are to help prepare for Meet The Teacher. The boxes underneath are all my books separated by themes.

Photo Aug 17, 10 08 37 AM

This is my file cabinet, reading/math manipulatives, and pocket chart center.

 Photo Aug 17, 10 08 43 AM

This view is of the board that I will use to post information for the kids. The pocket charts on the left are to show students where they go for centers. The magnets in the middle are for me to put my objectives for the week. Then I have a spot for “Wise Choices”. This is where students will look for what they can do when they are finished early.

Photo Aug 17, 10 09 12 AM

My calendar area. Actually, it’s my “faux calendar area”. I used Mimio for my calendar last year, and I am going to do it again for this year. However, this calendar is there for reference and for when substitutes are in the classroom.

Photo Aug 17, 10 09 26 AM

This will the the front of the room. Our school was recently tiled and a rug is on its way! I have my Fundations cards on the left and my daily schedule will go on the right. Then my projector will project onto the white board.

Photo Aug 17, 10 09 36 AM

These red cabinets store all my personal belongings and other school thingies. I have my classroom jobs hot glued to the left. Then how students go home each day. The check in chart that will use clothes pins as clips with their name and lunch number on it. They will use it to tell me if they need school lunch or brought their lunch. I also made a Mimio document for them to check it. But having this as well helps for when subs are in the room. Then to the right is their color chart. Students will be able to move down when making bad choices or up when making the right choices.

Photo Aug 17, 10 09 43 AM

Then the student computer area.

Photo Aug 17, 10 08 16 AM

Here I will hang student work per subject.

Photo Aug 17, 10 09 50 AM

Cute little owl that my Mom and Dad purchased for the classroom!

 Photo Aug 17, 10 10 00 AM

A love note from my husband! <3

Photo Aug 21, 5 55 30 PM

Check out the table numbers I hung up!

Photo Aug 21, 5 55 41 PM

I completed this today too!

Photo Aug 21, 5 55 55 PM

My door is ready… it’s missing about 9 names! Just haven’t cut them out yet!

Photo Aug 21, 5 56 04 PM 

My door! And a cute quote given to me by my Mentor/Team Leader.

Photo Aug 21, 8 12 34 AM Photo Aug 21, 9 07 52 AM

Before and after shot of my birthday area! I plan on writing about this tomorrow and sharing it as a FREEBIE!

Hope you enjoyed my classroom pictures! Let me know you stopped by and checked them out by commenting! :)


Late Link-er!

I completed my classroom today and I wanted to link up with Blog Hopin’ for their “Teacher Week Linky”! I am a little late, but I am good at playing catch-up!


Yesterday was Monday Must Have!

Here are my MUST HAVES for my classroom!

Staple & Staple Remover

ACCENTRA1510 21V7Ardk4fL._SL500_AA300_

These became my BEST friend!! I wish they would put a beeper on them. Whenever I am getting my classroom ready, I seem to misplace them A LOT! (I should invent this huh!?) I also use this Staples stapler that does most of the work for me! I don’t have to press very hard on the top part and it can slide right into the wall! (I do NOT have the one in the picture) The staple remover has a magnet at the top and it catches all the staples. You can get one HERE at Amazon!



I used this A LOT this summer! I like how thick it laminates my products. Makes them last longer! You can one HERE at Amazon!

Teacher Pens

flair pens

I do NOT know why they have been named, “Teacher Pens'”… but I LOVE THEM! :)


Now it’s Tuesday today and the Linky calls today, Technology Tip Tuesday!

My Technology Tip for you is… check out this video!!!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome New Followers & Happy Friday!

To the 10 new followers that I gained this week… WELCOME! My title says, “Sit Back. Relax. SHARE”! Feel free to comment at anytime with suggestions or maybe something I shared with you gave you an idea to take it further! I love blog land because of the amount of sharing we do as teachers!

For my fellow bloggers who ended their week with students I want to tell you HAPPY FRIDAY!

In my case, this ends my last “summer” week.

This weekend will be my last “summer” weekend.

Until…. NEXT SUMMER! :)

I am headed out for a trip to SETX to see one of my best friends! She is a 3rd grade teacher. Can’t wait to hear all about her classroom!

I plan on taking pictures of my classroom today and they will be up Sunday or possibly Monday! :)

Don’t forget the TWO giveaways I have going on..Slide2 Slide3


Have a wonderful Friday & Weekend!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

109 Follower Giveaway… excuse me TWO giveaways!

I am having such a BLAST blogging, sharing and receiving great ideas from fellow teachers! I want to thank all my wonderful followers, 109 to be exact!! It’s time for another giveaway!! YAY!

Not just ONE giveaway… BUT TWO!!!

The owl classroom decorations that I have been making for my TPT store are being downloaded like CRAZY! So, participate in the first giveaway if you or another blogger you know who are planning on using the owl theme in their classroom.

The winner of the first giveaway will get ALL owl themed items from my TPT store!!! YAY! (click the image to get to my TPT store)

All you need to do is:
1. Follow my blog
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3. Leave an “owl” themed comment! (example: Whooo loves owls??? MEE!!!)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now onto giveaway number TWO!


The first winner will receive a $10 gift card to Teacher Pay Teachers! Please make sure you leave your email address in your comment!

Heather from The Busy Busy Hive has offered ONE item from her TPT store for the second winner.

Tanya from Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties also offered ONE item from her TPT store for the third winner.
And Tonya from Tonya’s Treats also offered ONE item from her TPT store for the fourth winner.

Aren’t these ladies GREAT?! I appreciate their support for this giveaway!

You can win by following their blogs, following my blog, and leaving a comment below!

Make sure to fill in the Rafflecoppter below to be entered for these AMAZING prizes!! Good luck to all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Giveaway coming up!

Just giving everyone a heads up that my giveaway is in the process!! Keep your eye’s peeled for the news here VERY soon!! I have about 3 bloggers who are donating items from their TPT store! Contact me if you would like to contribute!

Are you all just as busy as I am getting ready for the school year? Not only do we have classrooms to put together, take home folders, B.O.Y. documents, letters, and updating all information for staff!! Whew! Today I am updating our grade level website, finishing a practicum for my M.R.T. certification, and doing laundry!

Check out this bad boy that I put together to hopefully help for the year!

Photo Aug 09, 6 57 38 PM

Our school prepares a piece of paper per student that has their information, parent information, emergency contact information and more. However, I made this document to put along with their paper. I can keep their website information, have a place to log their scores, and write down whenever I contact a parent. Click on the image to download yours!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Relaxing day & Linkys!

Today I took a break from decorating the classroom! Instead, I babysat for a fellow teacher and a good friend! She has a 5 month old baby and has a hard time getting work done when he joins her in the classroom. So I offered to watch him! We had lots of fun! Can you tell??

 Photo Aug 08, 1 48 05 PM

Isn’t he ADORABLE! :)

Jessica Standford invites us to link up and share how we plan!


I feel lucky because I have 2 wonderful teachers who help with planning in Science, Social Studies and Math. Reading we do on our own. I usually open my Exel document and have all the basils, TEKS, and CScope ready to go! Then I see what the IFD’s are and first look at Pinterest to see if there is any amazing lessons that a teacher has shared! Haha!

Another linky that I wanted to partake in is hosted by Jess over at Blood and BooksTeacher's Fashion Linky

Here are the guidelines...

1. Tell me your favorite store(s) that you like to get your "teacher's fashion".

2. What are some of your favorite accessories?

3. What type of shoes do you teach in? (i.e. heels, flats, wedges, etc.)

4. Do you have a "go-to" item in your closet? (i.e. sweater you wear weekly, shoes you wear daily, etc.)

5. Have you ever had a fashion "uh-oh" at school? (i.e. heel broke, button popped off of blouse)

Please feel free to post any cute items, sales, outfits that you have grabbed for this upcoming school year!

1. My favorite stores are Kohls, Old Navy, Target and Ross! I don’t know about y’all but I am very clumsy with markers, sharpies, and paint! I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes that I keep ruining! ;) However, when I want to splurge… I head on over to Maurice's!

2. My favorite accessories is necklaces! You can turn a boring ol’ black shirt into something more with just a simple necklace!

3. I teach in mostly flats or shoes with a small heel! I am on my feet all day and I seem to bend up and down a lot.

4. My “go to” item is cardigans! I think it’s a stereotypical  teacher go to… but they are amazing!

5. Like I said above, I have written on my clothes or spilt coffee on my nice white shirt. But the most embarrassing one was when my “visitor” joined me during a lesson.

Well, this just put me in the mood to do some shopping! Good thing payday is next week!!

Before I go! I have to show you my website that the parents will be checking during the school year! Christi, from Design By Christi, used clipart that I already have used for my classroom and updated my webpage! The students AND the parents are going to really enjoy it! Check it out Here!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

100 followers!!! & pictures of classroom progress


Upon looking at my followers, I realized I hit 101!! WOWIE WOW WOW! Thank y’all for your support! I am thinking about asking other bloggers to help pitch in some products! If you are interested in sharing your products, please email me!!

Onto my classroom progress…

Our team decided to do a color chart where kids can go up! Since Tanya from A+ Firsties is a really good friend of ours, we chose to use her color chart. Click on the link to get to her TPT site and download it for FREE!

Photo Aug 07, 2 00 54 PM

Took a pit stop by Tanya’s blog and saw an awesome freebie… so I had to stop and download… Okay, back to my post! Haha!

Photo Aug 07, 2 39 12 PM

 Photo Aug 07, 12 48 09 PMPhoto Aug 07, 12 54 57 PM Photo Aug 07, 12 49 22 PM 

Yay! I am having so much fun with the polka dots and owl theme!

I can’t wait for my room to be done with the decorating! I have other things I need to focus on!

Head on over to Tanya’s Treats for Teachers! She is ALMOST to 500!

almost 500 

Happy Tuesday!