Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 4 in the classroom & a TIP!…

I spend the next two days unloading boxes and putting things where they belong.

Then I spent some time decorating! Check out what I have done so far!:

View from the doorway.

Photo Aug 04, 4 50 08 PM

View from my desk. That blue wall will be my calendar and reading area. Going to put a tree with some owls on it!

Photo Aug 04, 4 50 19 PM

View from the window.

Photo Aug 04, 4 50 31 PM

View from the blue wall. That corner where my horseshoe desk area is, will have student created work. The spot over the computers is stumping me! It’s got to be something that can’t be changed much. Climbing on the computer stand is DANGEROUS!

Photo Aug 04, 4 50 42 PM

It’s still a MESS! But I see the progress!

At our school they ask that you have a sign outside your door letting staff know where you are when you are out of your room. I took this $1 sign from Target and used my Cricut to make this:

 Photo Aug 04, 6 43 43 PM Photo Aug 04, 7 53 41 PM

I am going to laminate an owl sticker and put a magnet on the back. The owl will stay at the top when we are in and then move to where we go!


My handy dandy TIP!

I was working in my classroom alone today and it SUCKS! Who is there to help tell you if you hung something crooked or straight? Well, I used a thumb tack to hang things up. Then I moved back and checked it out. Instead of stapling and re-stapling and making extra holes in your paper, the tack only made a small hole in the paper!

Photo Aug 04, 12 39 21 PM Photo Aug 04, 12 40 58 PM

Then I went back and stapled!

Have a great weekend! Tomorrow is LAKE DAY for us!


  1. Looking good! I love the pink sign. I have a hive outside my door that we velcro a sign to when we leave the room. Your room looks so big. It must be nice, mine in very small.


    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. what a great tip! I will be alone next week trying to get my boards up and I will remember that!

  3. Your "we left the nest" sign is ADORABLE! LOVE it!