Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Target Finds, Guilty Pleasures, and Owl Welcome Sign

First of all, I want to begin by welcoming my new followers! Welcome to Patterson’s Porch and I am glad you are here! Sit back. Relax. Share away! Thank you to all my first followers and for inviting all of these wonderful faces to check out my blog.

I took yet another trip to the Target $1 bins today! I bribed my husband in to coming with me. Target is located in two towns over. The trip is 30 minutes without traffic. He HATES when I get lost in the Target bins. He has a hard time understanding why I spend money for my classroom. He always asks, “Why don’t they give you a stipend for this stuff?” However, since I am hitting my 6th year, those questions have stopped being asked. Does your husband or someone else ask you those questions too? I always tell him that I do not HAVE to buy these things. I choose too. :)

The bins were very low and I only found a few things:

Another cute owl decoration!

Photo Jul 18, 9 18 13 PM

These are magnetic boards that you can hang. Or in my case, let the students use them on their laps with some magnetic letters!

 Photo Jul 18, 9 18 31 PM

And these cool dry erase, ruled paper, boards! They are on both sides too! Kids will enjoy having these to write on in a center.

Photo Jul 18, 9 18 48 PM

Not much but still something! Plus, I also bought the husband some candy! He did a good job helping. ;)

My new friend Ashley at The Resource Room is helping me prepare a linky! Be on the look out for it on Friday! However, Ashley has a great linky going on right now about guilty pleasures. Check it out.

Blog Title

My guilty pleasures are ranked by least to highest severity!

#4 My Kindle: I take it everywhere I go and even have the app on my phone. Growing up and being a military child we had to move a lot. Plus we had to take long trips to see family for holidays. So reading became my entertainment. Plus, my little sister annoyed me and when I read my parents told her to leave me alone. Haha! Little sisters are such pests! ;) I still enjoy to read. There are days that I will actually spend all day with my kindle in my hand from the time I wake up until I shut my eyes to go to sleep!

#3 Bluebell Ice Cream. The town that I live in now has a ice cream parlor and serves Bluebell. Once spring hit, a few teachers and I would meet there every Friday after school. I have an addiction to cookies n cream, banana pudding, and now have a new addiction. My friend Jennifer introduced this dangerous, amazing, delicious flavor to me:

#2 Blogging. I have only been blogging 3 weeks and I am already addicted! I have SO much to learn and I can’t wait to see where this takes me! I have already turned my dining room table into my office! Oops!

#1 Starbucks. Gold member card holder and they know me by name… uh oh! I think this is more of an addiction than a guilty pleasure. My husband said I need an intervention! Haha!

Those are just a few of my guilty pleasures.

Before I go, I want to share the owls I made to put on around my door of my classroom! You can click on it to get it for a $1 at my TPT store!



  1. Love that cute owl hanger!
    Target is the best.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. I love your guilty pleasures! I forgot to add my Kindle Fire but that is definitely one of them, right along with blogging. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. *LOVE* those cute owls! Whoooo wouldn't, lol!?! I was introduced to a Strawberry Creme Frappucino the other day that I REALLY liked...may be headed back to Starbucks soon! :-)

    Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties

  4. Love the owls!!!! I must get to Target and soon! I gave you an award!!! Stop by my blog to pick it up! Lauren
    Teacher Mom of 3

  5. I could definitely add blogging to my guilty pleasures list! It's very addicting!

    Thanks for linking up! Can't wait for your linky party =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

  6. Blue Bell!!! YUM. I don't eat it often, but it is hands down the best ice cream. I just tried the "Christmas Cookies" flavor...highly recommend!

    Fifth Grade Dugout

  7. Love the Target dollar section! I am a new follower and nominated you for an award. Come check out my blog to get your award!