Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rough Day: DVR, Bad Dogs, and Giveaways…

Last week my Dish network box was making some SUPER loud sound that made me thing it was going to explode! I contacted Dish and after making me feel like a dummy with their questions (is it on the carpet? is something on top of it?), they ordered me a new one. I got it yesterday and my husband said to me, “You have to watch all your DVR shows before we can switch it.” Ahhh!! So while I type this I am catching up on Craft Wars and Snooki & JWOWW (don’t judge me!).

Also, I am grounding two BAD DOGS right now. If you read my “About Dani” section of my blog, you know I have a big dog named Maverick, and a little dog named Fergie. Well today they are both in trouble!

Maverick is a BIG baby when it comes to rain and storms. He stays outside when we are at work, because he destroys things inside when we are gone. Well the past few days we have had some nasty storms. He usually just escapes the fence and sits by the front door until we get home. Today was different…. he decided to destroy our back door and frame. Here are just a few pictures to show you:

Photo Jul 12, 5 41 06 PM Photo Jul 12, 5 41 12 PM Photo Jul 12, 6 01 57 PM

Here’s a picture of the naughty boy trying not to make eye contact with me:

Photo Jul 12, 6 25 53 PM

Yep.. Not going to show what he did to the actually screen door… Grr!!

Then… since Maverick came inside he slept on Fergie’s bed and he STUNK. So I unzipped her bed to put it in the wash. When it was done in the washer I went to go get it to put it in the dryer and I heard her digging in the bedroom. I walked into this:

Photo Jul 12, 6 20 03 PM

And here is a picture of Fergie hiding under the bed.

Photo Jul 12, 6 20 15 PM

So, how was your day?!?

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Hope you have a better Thursday than two naughty doggies!!


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