Monday, July 2, 2012

Owl Themed ABCs!

I am going crazy in my brain with all my ideas for my new owl themed classroom! So crazy that I have spent many days figuring out what all I will need! I think this owl theme has consumed my brain.

Plus, I have some GREAT friends who help add to the addiction! Like my friend Biz at Busy Biz! (She has been my BFF since 9th grade!) She's always finding some CUTE crafts for me to add to my room! Check out her cute-noneducational-blog! (Let her know I sent you!)

So here is what I made! I plan to laminate these cute owls and use them for my word wall! I also thought I would make another copy to put in one of my centers for the beginning of the year. Double use! :) 
Click on the image to purchase it from my TPT site.

 I am having TOO much fun designing these adorable owls for my classroom! Next stop? Welcome banner! :)

On another note... I have had this cute flower pot holder with pots that have just been sitting on my back patio. I've mentioned to my husband that we need small plants to go in the pots. Then yesterday, we were walking around WalMart when I saw the cutest cacti! So I brought three of them home and now they are in the pots! 

 The directions said that you only have to water them monthly. I hope that's true! I DO NOT have a green thumb!

 This pretty rose looking one is my favorite!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! :)

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