Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Fun-Day!

Sunday is considered "Sunday FUNday" or sometimes "Sunday BUMday" at the Patterson household! Today was a Sunday FUNday! I started my day off by completing a craft that I started on Saturday. I have seen these things from friends and from Pinterest. So I decided I wanted to see what all the hype was! The American Flag Rag Wreath. This was super easy and I enjoyed how relaxing it was! It cost me about $20 for all the materials! I will have to post how I did it later!
Then we went and met my parents for lunch at Cheddars and went to buy some stuff from Bed Bath and Beyond. Afterwards we spent some time cleaning up the house and packing! Here you can see our updated picture of our garage, where we are keeping all of our boxes. The most interesting part of packing is.... I HAVE WAY TO MUCH STUFF!! I already filled 3 boxes just closet stuff and I still have more! WOW!

Lots of boxes!

After a few hours of Football, Laundry, and Cleaning... Chaz got some chicken on the grill! He's the best chef in the house!!  It was 105 deg outside! He tried to wait until it got cooler but his belly won!

I love grilled chicken tenders with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce!
He rocks!

"ugh it's so hot out here!"
 Then the kids were looking cute together so I wanted to snap a few pictures of them! I love my doggies!

We hope everyone has a wonderful week!! 29 more days until we are homeowners!!

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