Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting closer to our future home!!

We have made it one step closer to our future home!! We spent the day negotiating the specifics of the contract with the seller. It was pretty nerve racking and I realized I will NEVER be good at poker! Haha! Thanks to Chaz and my parents we were able to negotiate some great deals. We got a verbal contract from them but it doesn't mean its ours until papers are signed and the inspectors give their input. So we will sign the contracts saying we are wanting to buy. Then the surveyors and inspectors come. If they find anything BIG that needs to be completed before we move in, the sellers must fix them. There could be a chance there will be something REALLY big and we may have to go back to the contract or even step away from the house itself. We will just see where it goes! It's just so exciting right now!!

Check out these pictures from my favorite part of the house, master bathroom! (Ignore the decorations. They will not be there when the house is OURS!)

View from the tub. The door goes into the Master Bedroom. Behind door is a walk in closet.

 2 seated person shower. Bathroom is to the right.

From door. Whirlpool bathtub! I can't wait for a bath in there!

So all day long I had butterflies in my stomach and once we got the word it was ours we decided it was time to eat something. Our stomachs were starving! So we went to our favorite Mexican food place, enjoyed our favorite meal and celebrated with a favorite beer! Whenever we were ending our meal we were discussing the amount of work we had to do and Chaz began laughing at how much I began to stress! He knows how I easily stress about things so he started trying to make me laugh. We paid the bill and he ran out the door to get to the car before me. When he does that he usually locks me out of the car and I have to do a little "jig" to get the car unlocked. However, this time I was PREPARED!! I ran right behind him and when he opened the driver side door I dove in on top of him and landed in his lap, climbed over the console and landed in my passenger seat. I don't think we laughed so hard!! I wish I was an onlooker watching our crazy antics! We made it home through the laughter and made our plans for tomorrow. We have a lot of stuff we have to do tomorrow!!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and our home! It sure means a lot to us and we can't wait to share it with everyone!! :)

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