Sunday, September 11, 2011

Packing Day 1

We began the horrible part of moving.... PACKING! Chaz started our morning off right with some breakfast burritos. Then I cleaned out the garage by sweeping out the dirt, killing all the spiders, and hopefully keeping the geckos from going in our boxes! We packed the garage first and made sure to keep the toolbox in an accessible spot. Then I started in the spare bedroom. We have some amazing gifts from the wedding that people purchased for us that had to be stored up there. It felt like Christmas again when we pulled them out of the closet to put into boxes. We have such a small townhouse that we had no room for extra picture frames, lots of glasses or kitchenware. I can't wait to open up those boxes at our new place and have a special place for each item. During the cleaning up of the spare bedroom I got carried away looking at items that I still carry around since being a kid. Here are some of them:
  • CD's- I have like 20 CD's that I can't get rid of: Janet Jackson Velvet Album, Aqua aka Barbie Girl, Now volume 1: N'SYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Deg, Savage Garden and more! I can't throw them away! I figured one day my kids will wonder what a CD is and I can show them my favorites! Plus I carry around 2 Cassettes: Billy Ray Cyrus and Salena :D
  • TY Beanie Babies- I am ready to get rid of these!! lol
  • Class of '03- Yes I still carry around most of my things that say Class of '03 from High School
  • Shorts- My first pair of shorts I sewed in Home Ec
  • Books- Some of my favorite kids books
  • Pictures- I have pictures starting from Middle School and up to College. I have some of the funniest photo albums too! I think my favorite one is a WB cartoon one! hahaha!
Chaz's items he carries around:
  • 2 Coke-Cola glass bottles- He had them since he was a kid. He got them when the Cowboys went to the superbowl in '92 (he thinks)
  • High School Helmet- He can't get rid of that!
  • Baseball & Football Cards: He has a HUGE box of them!
  • Old Army Stuff- "Babe, those items have seen battle!" Some of the craziest things are being horded in his army duffel bags.
We cleaned out a closet full of jackets and games. We decided to donate about 13 jackets to others in need. Next weekend we will continue our packing and purging! Here is a few pictures of the garage after day 1 of packing.

 Love, US

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