Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paperwork, inspection, bank, paperwork, decisions, and did I say PAPERWORK?

These last few days have been CRAZY with talking to the banks!!! I know they are giving us "estimations" but man does it suck to get a different answer every time. We finally have the whole process started with our bank, which is USAA if anyone was wondering. We still have more paperwork to do and our agent recommended us shop around for insurance before we settle. I respect that and we will. Seriously though, there is SO much paperwork that goes into a house!!! Good thing that there are some electronic documents out there that we are able to sign electronically.

Also very thankful for all of our rollover minutes that we haven't touched since becoming an AT&T customer. Chaz has spent HOURS on the phone since this whole process has started. We really do have a great agent though!! She sure has made this a lot easier! Chaz has also been amazing by taking care of all the phone calls during the day. Being a teacher, it is a lot harder to find time in a day to make a phone call. Especially a 45 minute to an hour long call. He has been wonderful! Most of  you know that I like to be in control and it is hard to let that go for me. But he really has done a great job! :D

Inspection was today!!! I got there late but Chaz was already with the guy looking around the house. He really had some nice things to say about our future home! We had to go on a hunt for a breaker and that took some time. It was in a spare room closet- not something builders do anymore.  We found out that the A.C condensation pan was filling up which meant there was a clog in the pipes. He thought the whirlpool tub was broken... which almost broke my heart... but he found there was a timer that came with it! Our inspection guy was really good and we would recommend him!

With only like 10 minutes left in the inspection the home owner came home. At first it was REALLY awkward, then we did introductions and got to know one another. She was telling us that they bought it right after it got built and planned on it being their "forever home." She has added a lot of upgrades that she wanted for herself and not to sell. I felt really bad for the lady because she kept saying to us, "I hope you love it as much as we do!" We just kept telling her that we LOVED the home and we appreciate all she has done. Then the inspector broke the news to her about how close she is to having a leak from her AC! :/

Anyways, there were no really BIG items that would have turned us away from the home. So, I guess that means we HAVE A HOUSE!!! Our closing date is Monday, October 17th! Our agent is going to ask as nicely as possible to see if we can start moving stuff in the Friday before (14th). That would be awesome if she said yes! I don't think so because she has a LOT of stuff to move and she may be looking forward to having that weekend too. We'll see...I have learned that it can't hurt to try! This weekend I have planned to start going through closets and packing up things up! Being a military brat has prepared me in the "packing and moving" department! Hopefully this will be the last move for years!!!!!! :)

We LOVE our future home!!

Here is a cute picture of Chaz and a gross picture of Me after signing our offer that our agent took! (I had just came back into town from being in Austin.)

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