Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reading Fluency: Buddy Read

I am spending my summer taking classes to get my Master Reading Teacher Certification.
The other day we talked about fluency and shared ideas on how to help better the students fluency. 
Just in case you didn't know:
 "Fluency is characterized by rate and 'effortlessness' which students exhibit as they move through the text. Fluent readers understand text structure, use appropriate intonation, and have few interruptions." (Adams, 1990)

At my school, they graciously bought these awesome kits that have leveled stories and had them numbered for the student to use. (If it wasn't summer break and my classroom wasn't locked, I would show a picture right about now.) The are card stocked sheets with short poems or stories. On them it has the title, level, and told them if it was fiction or nonfiction. They also came with a sand timer. I modeled, and modeled some more, how the buddies would use the kit before putting it in my buddy read center. 

During my MRTC class we discussed ways to help and when I thought about this kit, I realized that the students could do MORE with this kit and see GROWTH! So I made these!

I like the graphing so that the students can see themselves get better each time they read the same story. Since my school doesn't have colored ink, I plan on only making 2 copies of this and laminating it. They can use the dry erase marker to write on it.



  1. *LOVE*....guess who'll I'll be shouting out in a blog post today? Welcome and get ready to have some addictive fun!


  2. Hi Dani! I loooove those fluency check sheets! They would have been perfect for my first graders last year.

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    The Resource Room Teacher

    1. YAY! Thanks! I plan on hopping over to check our yours! Thanks!

  3. Good idea and really cute owl graphics. Where did you get them?

  4. Hi Dani! I am your newest follower. I found you from Tanya's blog. I am just beginning my blogging journey as well. I love your fluency check sheets. Best of luck with your blogging adventure.

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