Sunday, January 1, 2012

What a YEAR!

2011 was a fantastic year for Chaz and myself! With our dream wedding and purchasing our dream house!

Since 2012 is now here... Chaz and I have discussed what our goals were for the year. We thought we would share with our family and friends.

My Personal Goals (Dani):
-Start and continue with Yoga.
-Be more organized.
-Update this blog more often!

Chaz's Personal Goals:
-Get back in shape.
-Cut down the trees in the back acres.

We have a lot of fun things planned this year and can't wait to get started!
We plan on church shopping here soon around the Copperas Cove area.
We have a lot of plans for our house: tearing down wallpaper, fixing up the acres, new carpet, and more!

Chaz will continue his job as a recruiter for the National Guard. A job that keeps him busy all week long and fills up one weekend a month. He's so great at what he does and his teammates talk highly about him. I am proud of him! He plans on finishing up his Bachelors Degree as well this year.

I begin the new year with the same kiddos that were there when we left for break. Only a teacher can understand how different they are when they come back. Yeah I know it's only 2 weeks! But it is true! I plan on continuing teaching at the school I am currently at.
Also, I will continue with my second job as a Thirty-One Consultant. I really enjoy selling such an amazing product. My favorite part of being a consultant is delivering a customers product to them and seeing the joy on their face! The extra income helps with the costs of updating our house.

We hope that everyone has a happy, healthy, blessed, and wonderful 2012!!!

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