Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pinterest: The BAD :(

I always find great things on Pinterest to try at home and one of them was a way to help get heat stains off of your table. 
You can see her directions here
I have a small stain on my coffee table that drives me nuts every time I clean it.
So I decided to try it.
Here is what my stain looked like on my coffee table:

Not very big but it still drove me crazy

So off I went to try it out.
I did not have a linen cloth so I thought a washrag might do the same.
I only spritz a small amount on the cloth. 

Then I couldn't figure out which side the sprayed part was supposed to go. 
I assumed not on the table because it was the part we were trying to get the stain out of.
I moved it quickly for 15 seconds.
So when I took the cloth off this is what I got!!!! OMG it got worse!!
So I tried it the opposite way with the wet cloth down... 
Nothing changed.
Then I tried it with a thicker towel.

And it did not get better.
It's now a bigger mark and its not very noticeable.
But it's there and I know it's there.
I went back to the blog and read the comments.
I wasn't the only one who had the same results.
Lesson learned. 
Read comments before you try something. 
Not everything works for everyone!

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