Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fixer-Uper Dani: Showerhead

I saw someone pin this on Pinterest (here).

When we moved into our place they had showerheads already installed.
We were going to buy new ones but I decided against it when I saw that website.

I wanted to try it but I was going to do things differently than this blogger.

Here was my shower head when we moved in.
It's all hard water and calcium stains.

Side view
So then I went under my sink and I found... CLR for the bathroom!
I grabbed a baggie and went back to the bathroom!

I took off the spray part and poured a good amount into the baggie.
I put the bag all around the spray head.
Used a hair tie as a rubber band.
You could instantly see the foaming action of the CLR taking place!
Then I walked away and forgot about it for about an hour.

An hour later I came back to take it off! 
Just by looking into the bag, I could see a difference.
And the liquid had a yellow tint to it.
So then I took it off and TA DA!!
When I turned on the water it took a few seconds to spray all the CLR out.
So I let it run for a minute.
Looks good right!?


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