Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

Man! I hate being BUSY!!
During the day at school, time seems to move at snail pace.
As soon as I get off, I'm running around to catch up and get things done!
Sometimes I do wish I had a "sit-at-the-computer-all-day" job.
Then I could sneak in checking my email or making phone calls.
Or even just taking longer than a 20 minute lunch like I do now!

This past week has been extra busy with leaving out of town, meetings for work, Easter party at school, and field trip on Thursday.
Teachers have A LOT of things to do for a field trip!
Plus, I have been MAKING myself work out and get to bed at a 10:00.
So, to summarize my post.... I can't wait for summer!
I plan in making phone calls to each of my friends!
I plan on skypeing with some of them too!
I want to WRITE a letter to someone! (snail mail!)
And spend more time with my crafts and decorating my house!

I also want to challenge myself to be better a sending cards out.
I wonder if there is somewhere where I can buy a batch of birthday cards for one flat fee?
Guess I just need to buy birthday cards every time I grocery shop just to be sure!
(any suggestions?)

Off I go to dye, trace and paint shirts for the field trip!

Here are pictures of the pile of shirts I am about to start drawing lions on.

Then a picture of my lint catcher! It's all orange!! Haha

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